Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dick Hunting

What is it about the name "Dick" that 's been so weirdly overdetermined when applied to Presidents, i.e. Nixon and Cheney, who started his career working in the former's administration. It's just too perfect, our two most secretive and authoritarian Presidents, and also the most sociopathically vicious and dishonest. I've known a couple of terrific, funny, honest Dick's in my life. Why were these two...such dicks?

Regardless of whether he holds the throne or is the power behind it, the Dick behind as it were, the prosecutional evidence and arguments in the Scooter Libby trial make it clear, whether or not the jury actually convicts him of perjury, lays out a clear timeline whereby Libby covered up for Cheney's original direction, which was clearly to ruthlessly smear Joseph Wilson over his revealing that Cheney's intended casus belli for our invasion of Iraq, that Saddam Hussein tried to buy yellowcake uranium from a source in Niger, was an absolute lie.

Why did Cheney target Wilson so wrecklessly?

It must have been his plan all along.

His plan that was being discredited, so he sent out his henchman to do his dirty smear for him. Anything to invade, as he had planned since before gaining control of the Presidency. Dick was behind. It all.

Check out this videoblog analysis of the end of the courtroom phase and beginning of the jury phase by Jame Hamsher and Marcy Wheeler at firedoglake. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is clearly building a case against Cheney the way he did it against Chicago mob bosses -- one verdict at a time. Scooter falls, the big man is next.

BAGnewsNotes has an interesting (as always) photo and analysis, of Cheney arriving in Japan and being greeted by two rows of riflemen at attention and...nobody. Isolated. Is everybody sensing it now? Is he now politically...radioactive?

As Matt Stoller reminds us at MyDD:
The key here is Dick Cheney, who is unremorseful that he essentially defrauded the American public into a war of choice that let Al Qaeda get stronger. In fact, Cheney today said that Speaker Pelosi's Iraq plan would 'validate Al Qaeda'.
There's no similar provision in the Constitution for impeaching a Vice President. It's court action or nothing. If (and this is always a big if) Libby is convicted, it could take two more years -- to the end of his term -- that Cheney gets convicted. Undoubtedly, this Dick would get a GOP Presidential Pardon just like the last one, but the very trial might force an intra-party revolt and Mr. Always Wrong might be forced to resign his own Administration.

For as Jane points out that Fitzgerald reminds us, here's the emergent overarching narrative for what really happened when this madman engineered their dirty, disastrous war:

1. The administration lied us into war and tried to abuse its power to punish the whistleblower who told the American public the truth.

2. Scooter is the firewall to Shooter.

3. Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby and other members of the administration conspired to keep federal investigators from uncovering their crimes.

4. The media was complicit in spreading administration propaganda rather than doing investigative journalism, and are now helping to set the table for a pardon.

5. The journalistic standards that have been exposed in the case (witness Tim Russert, Judy Miller, Andrea Mitchell, Robert Novak and others) are reprehensible, and have undermined the public trust in the media.

6. The degree to which this story about the lies that lead to war has been ignored by the media (relative to the feeding frenzy over a Clinton blowjob) left a huge opening that the blogs have filled.

God bless America. Until that Dick is fully removed, we'll need all the help we can get.

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