Friday, November 07, 2008


In the red red heart of America, Omaha, Nebraska, Barack Obama has won the single Electoral Vote representing that city, in the state's unique method for breaking off one of it's three, to give that metropolitan area (and suburbs and exburbs) its fair say. So on Nate Silver's map we can see a representation of Obama chipping into that solid line of Midwestern states, from North Dakota down through Texas, which will hopefully be more blue than red at this time in 2012.

365 is a serious win. In some ways, it's still sinking in. You might think, whoa, a black guy got in, and that's a few days of celebration, but when you realize that unlike the last six (white!) Democrats who ran, he won Indiana and North Carolina, and that he won Virgina which no Democratic Presidential candidate has won since Lyndon Johnson when Obama was three years old.

Right now Missouri is too close to call, and it'll be sometime next week when they come up for air again. McCain was leading by about 5,800 votes when they froze up and while it may stay red, wouldn't you want to get on the new President's good side and just throw it in for good measure?

I mean, if you like the ring of 365 (# of days/year), so be it, but wouldn't 376 (to 161) sound even sweeter? Or maybe you'd think, hey, Barack Obama, how come you couldn't peel off another 24 E.V.'s and hit 400? That's a Georgia, a Montana, and a couple'a Dakotas.

Hey, don't get greedy. 365 is a hard-rockin' mandate, more than 2/3's, actually 68% of the Electoral College (376 would, of course, be 70%). And per today's first President-Elect Obama press conference, we should just be relieved to have an adult in charge again:

Remarkable. Right to work, and the paychecks don't even start until January 20th.

He's got our number.

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Anonymous said...

That last EV, in the heart of Red State dystopia, is a sweet punctuation mark.

(Now if only Franken can squeak in!)