Thursday, May 27, 2010

That's Life

Rule #1: Life isn't fair.

Lee beat Crystal, making the Vote for the Worst website the winner of this year's American Idol. You could see the glum look in the judge's faces, but then again they may be blaming themselves for pimping the guy who clearly lost every single round last night, making the finalist showdown obsolete once and for all. And they faded out the show before Lee even finished demolishing the U2 tune.

With Lee winning after so many off-key notes last night, the show is clearly no longer a singing competition, but even if going for distinction, it will be all the poorer for having failed to make Crystal their face this year, as in retrospect they seem to have been particularly mistaken with failing to do the same with Adam last year.

Lee is a sweet good guy with moments of inspiration, has his power alley with his sandy voice, but clearly the show is all about young texting girls and cougars+above, so that no one with any really rough edges or iconoclasm can win anymore. Heck, even 3rd Place finisher Casey James, unleashed and blazing on guitar, sang better than the season winner tonight.

Smart Simon Cowell, leaving at just the right time.

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