Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Any politician or scam Fox pundit who calls Barack Obama anti-American is at best a cowardly McCarthyite liar, at worst pure evil doing Satan's bidding. That's Christine O'Donnell, Republican Party Senate nominee for The First State, Delaware:

That's today's GOP.

Any two-bit fascist who says that, if elected, he will use his powers as Governor of The Empire State, New York to make suddenly, single targeted, authoritarian use of eminent domain to keep Cordova House from being built, make it a war memorial, and block any buildings of an Islamic tint from any place in NYC that the dust from the World Trade Center bombing reached, is at best a major league reactionary or, at worst, the Devil walking the earth, i.e. the Republican nominee, Carl Paladino:

And any candidate who still thinks Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional at around eighty and forty years down the line and who's platform is basically to end them is at best a buzzkill and at worst Lucifer made Galt, Republican Senatorial nominee in Alaska, lawyer Joe Miller:

or Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharon Angle:

Or Colorado Senate Republican nominee Ken Buck.

They aren't the GOP, they're the Republican Party on steroids, led by the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee. This is the Party coming home. This is people power in that Party, and it is like the mask ripped off to reveal rubes who have turned the tables. It's hilarious that Karl Rove is feuding with them, because he fed them his red meat and his bosses' red meat every day for eight years and more before that.

There is no moderate Republican Party in this election. Any power they get is power to Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) who could be the next Senate Majority Leader, if the same people that elected Barack Obama let these candidates win.

Because any or all of these candidates could win their races in the November mid-term election. This is serious stuff, threats to the Republic.

If you want to be petulant, if you want to be apathetic, if you don't see that as flawed as it may be, it is a clear choice, and elections are all about choices, then you're being reckless.

Then you're just as crazy as they are.

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