Monday, October 25, 2010

Clutch Time

Okay, so if you're anywhere left of center -- or, with this year's batch to GOTP (Grand Old Tea Party), left of crazy -- you owe it to your nation to get out and vote. Here's the facts: nobody knows who's going to win this election. But we do know that:

Political Wire caught Mitch McConnell saying this to the National Review:

"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

Catch that? Not, the single most important thing we want to achieve is to lower unemployment. Not, keep people in their homes. Not even, lower the deficit.

It's all politics to them. And their lies must be counteracted, per Dave Johnson, paraphrased by Electoral-Vote:
  1. Obama tripled the deficit (No: it is lower than in Bush's last budget)

  2. Obama raised taxes (No: the "stimulus" contained a big tax cut)

  3. Obama bailed out the banks (No: the bailout happened before Obama took office)

  4. The "stimulus" failed (No: the CBO estimates it created 1-3 million jobs)

  5. Businesses will hire if they get tax cuts (No: They will hire when they sell more products)

  6. Health-insurance reform will cost $1 trillion (No: the CBO says it will save $138 billion)

  7. Social security is a Ponzi scheme (No: it will continue to be solvent for 25 years)

  8. Government spending takes money out of the economy (No: government buys stuff and hires people)
What's interesting is that, now that he's getting out there, President Obama's approval rating is rising. He's pounding on the GOTP, as is former President Bill Clinton, whom the Republicans don't dare criticize when he comes to town:
Mr. Clinton is now perhaps his party’s most sought-after campaigner, going to parts of the country where Mr. Obama does not venture these days, including Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and, on Monday, in his 105th event of the year, Texas.

Fifty-five percent of Americans viewed Mr. Clinton positively in a poll by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal last month, eight percentage points above Mr. Obama and the highest of 14 listed politicians or institutions.

What's interesting is that the Blue Dog Democrats, those conserva-Dems who gave progressives so much trouble with health and finance reform, are hurting the most. This mean more party-purging, not as brutal on the Left as on the Right, but likely to give us starker electoral choices in the future.

As for now, here's what the GOTP bring to America:

Nice job, Rand Paul supporters. "Curbing" is always in fashion for homegrown fascists ginned up by Beck and Tea. Step one in fascism is empowering the thug class.

And that's what we need you to vote against.

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