Sunday, March 20, 2011


We're witnessing huge tectonic shifts right now, changes that one needs to step back to realize are bigger than the November election, bigger than we've had in awhile. Not only is our entire communications system in the process of becoming a subset of social media, but the Middle East and North Africa are shifting politically as has not been seen for many decades. Even Syria is having serious protests. And Qaddafi's compound was just hit, it appear by one or more cruise missiles.

AT&T just announced that they are buying T-Mobile, which will make them the largest carrier in the U.S. -- and give us one less choice of carrier, albeit the smallest of the majors. The clear upside to people like me who own AT&T iPhones will be better coverage, assuming that's the reason for the acquisition.

Meanwhile, President Obama is wisely opening up business channels on a major trip to Brazil, a potential winner of the 21st Century, and the earthquake/tsunami death toll is mounting (18,000 and counting).

Welcome to interesting times.

May they not be a curse for you.

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