Thursday, July 07, 2011

Graffiti6 Made My Night

So I've got a new musical obsession. British Northern Psychedelic Stroke Soul band Graffiti6, led by the impressive and enlivening Jamie Scott. I found out they were doing a free gig at the Hammer Museum here in Westwood, started in on "Annie You Save Me From the World" and have since learned the guitar chords. Addictive:

Jamie Scott started as a songwriter and had a solo career in the UK with a couple albums, then he hooked up with Tommy D., a producer who's worked with guys like Jay-Z and Kanye West, and the rest is the songs they create together and the pick-up musicians they put together depending on the needs. Tonight was five-piece -- Jamie and Tommy on various acoustic, hollow-bodied and electric guitars, a bassist who has quite awesome and into it, keyboards and those super-steady drums. Yesterday on KCRW they did this (with another of their mini-hits):

Check out their cover of "No Diggity". Jamie pulled a young woman out of the audience to hold the lyrics for him, very loose and funny, then the killer rendition, slow and hard-rocking.

Tour dates here. Official single release of "Stare into the Sun" here for your listening and dancing pleasure:

That falsetto he just whips out, the harmonies, wow.

Easy prediction: this will be the last time anyone in LA sees Graffiti6 for free.

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