Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Back on the Job

Happy New Year, and while the GOP scramble themselves into three different constituencies in Iowa, President Barack Hussein Obama is back to work in Ohio with the latest mother of all Congressional recess appointments, hung up in the Senate by silent hold since June, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This is the Bureau architected by Elizabeth Warren, the now highly popular Massachusetts Senate candidate -- made a star by the very Republican House members who treated her so rudely in committee hearings (karma kickback). Even current Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is bucking his party in fear of Warren and coming out in favor of Obama's recess appointment, which has outraged Republicans by coming during their "pro forma" sessions that technically prevent recess appointments without fulfilling the intent of the law.

And that's not all -- Obama's adding recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board that have been held up by the same silent, unaccountable Senate hold. Romney calls all this "Chicago-style politics at its worst," which is a Conservative meme used whenever Obama is assertive, as opposed to when they call him weak or unfocused. But procedure is generally a losing argument against policy, especially a popular one, and the GOP can only win with it amongst their own. Who in this video is actually doing his job?:

Obama's 2012 was greeted with an initial up day in the stock market, and the day after he set the fall election stage by clearly declared the intractable GOP Congress as his foil. He's not even bothering with Mitt. The fly is batting his wings furiously in his web.

By the time the spider turns to him, the fly's buzzing will seem tiring.

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Anonymous said...

God, it's gonna be a long year. November's eleven months away, and already I wanna puke every time I see One-Percent Mitt.