Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I Love America

I love America because the Nevada Republicans lost not-ready-for-primetime front-runner Sue Lowden to Scientology friend and Tea Party, Oath Keeper cuckoo Sharron Angle, giving Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid his best chance at re-election.

I love America because the California skipped intelligent, experienced, moderato candidate Tom Campbell and instead nominated the one who bought the nomination, failed-HP CEO Carly Fiorina, who claims she will run on her job-killing, value-dropping business record and is somehow, after running a major U.S. company, clearly not remotely ready for primetime. Add to that her calling her opponent, sitting Sen. Barbara Boxer, out on the political fringe when Boxer routinely is one of the top overall votegetters in the nations -- third only to Bush and Kerry in 2004.

I love America because the other not-ready-for-primetime Californian GOoPer winning a nomination, Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, has already spent $70+ million in the primary alone as she runs on her supposed ability to run a tight, cost-effective business.

I love America because one Republican Texas Congressman, John Culberson says that BP's poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico is a "statistical anomaly," without mentioning all the safety and prevention laws and practices it appears to have broken.

I love America because Illinois Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk, who had been caught exaggerating his military resume, now appears to have campaigned while still in in active duty, a military crime punishable by up to two years in detention.

I love America because even while a South Carolina GOP runoff candidate is running on Christianity and marital fidelity, something that has failed that state in the recent past with (pious and conservative Gov. Mark Sanford), the Democrats manage to nominate a total anomaly, seemingly at random. If this were a Hollywood movie, he'd draw unlikely support and grow to become the total grassroots, left-field populist winner. But, of course, this isn't.

I love America because when Arkansas incumbent corporate Dem Sen. Blanche Lincoln wins re-nomination against a strong progressive, labor-backed candidate, Bill Halter, even the White House goes out of its way to slit the Party's own throat by insulting the labor constituency.

I love America because the Dems are now goading the GOP to run on healthcare reform repeal:

I love America because once you ditch public service halfway through the job the people hired you to do and instead have a $12 million payday year, you can get that cosmetic surgery you always wanted, no matter whether you had 4 or 5 kids.

I love America because I love democracy.

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