Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Atlas Toked

So it turns out that Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul was a stoned-out kidnapper in college:
The strangest episode of Paul's time at Baylor occurred one afternoon in 1983 (although memories about all of these events are understandably a bit hazy, so the date might be slightly off), when he and a NoZe brother paid a visit to a female student who was one of Paul's teammates on the Baylor swim team. According to this woman, who requested anonymity because of her current job as a clinical psychologist, "He and Randy came to my house, they knocked on my door, and then they blindfolded me, tied me up, and put me in their car. They took me to their apartment and tried to force me to take bong hits. They'd been smoking pot." After the woman refused to smoke with them, Paul and his friend put her back in their car and drove to the countryside outside of Waco, where they stopped near a creek. "They told me their god was 'Aqua Buddha' and that I needed to bow down and worship him," the woman recalls. "They blindfolded me and made me bow down to 'Aqua Buddha' in the creek. I had to say, 'I worship you Aqua Buddha, I worship you.' At Baylor, there were people actively going around trying to save you and we had to go to chapel, so worshiping idols was a big no-no."
Not surprisingly, Rand's memory is foggy on this event. However, he's still able to whine about being treated unfairly by the media, as all modern rightwing nutjobs do when being challenged by anyone other than their Fox News support system:

If Atlas is looking at Rand Paul right now, he's certainly shrugging.

Don't bogart, Rand!

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Anonymous said...

I plan to use the phrase "Aqua Buddha" all day long.