Monday, August 09, 2010


She really is a reptile, isn't she?

Yep, she rolls her eyes when she finds out this woman who is challenging her crass moneygrubbing opportunism is by profession a teacher. A teacher, for heaven's sake, but for Palin and her smug Fox identity legion, there's always a reason to roll one's eyes at someone who challenges the sacred tenets or icons, especially if they're educated. See Palin look for it, find it and in her smug way she's struck her goldmine, such is her bigotry and condescension.

Is there a lower form of life on earth than Sarah Palin? More greedy or egocentric, more cult of self, more opportunistically anti-intellectual? Her very response to this woman, that she's doing greater work for America, sounding so shopworn so instantly, defending with her patented Word Salad, which doesn't make sense, not to her, not to her followers, it's all just pure semiotics.

Yep, she's gone well beyond Reagan, who's words actually made sense strung together and spoken, referring to an American past in an attempt to fuel his contemporary policies, agree or disagree. With Word Salad Sarah, it's meaningless, just the movement of her mouth (indicating to her supporters that she is alive to lead them) and the mindless catchphrases, what she understands merely needs to be her bag of tricks, moored to no morality save that of self responsible to exactly no one, and certainly not even to her customers; that is to say, core constituency.

In comparison, certainly, Barack Obama is a humble man. I don't think I've ever seen him rolls his eyes at anyone -- on Fox? He engages them, even on Fox, particularly O'Reilly.

Can you even imagine him rolling his eyes at a teacher? Of course, he wouldn't.

Even at her.

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Anonymous said...

Geez, you'd figure she liked teachers since she went to six different colleges in order to graduate.