Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It Was Thirty Years Ago Today

He took us from black & white to color:

Lennon put himself on the line for peace during one that most volatile of eras, the 1960's, and as it all tails out with the end of the 1970's he's assassinated by the kind of madness he fought so vocally against. He'd be 70 now. What a different world it would be with him still there all these years, a generational voice of authority. People always wanted to know what John Lennon thought about political issues, and he was always able to write a hit. Maybe even a duet with Elvis Costello.

Mark David Chapman was out John Wilkes Booth. The fatal shot that came after the end of the Civil War.

What a huge rip-off for his family and what a huge rip-off for us.

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