Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Rick on Mitt

Sadly, the more voters learn about Mitt Romney, the less they like him. His three state Primary numbers last night were not just atrocious, not just loser number to Rick Santorum in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota, they were actually lower vote totals than Mitt received four years ago when he lost the nomination to John McCain:

I'm far from a Rick Santorum fan, and he's hypocritical in a number of areas including lobbying, but he sure comes across as a lot more sincere (in his reactionary beliefs) than Romney. It's weird to hear Santorum speak after Romney -- almost (gulp) like a breath of fresh air. No kidding.

How bad is it for Romney? Per Frank Rich:
But a Washington Post/ABC News poll released just before these contests found that by a margin of more than two to one, Americans say that the more they learn about Mitt, the less they like him, and last night added further proof. The standard interpretation of Mitt's triple defeat on cable news (regardless of network) is that "conservatives rejected Romney." But who exactly isn't rejecting Romney? He couldn't even fill up his headquarters when speaking last night in Denver. And then he gave a talk that reminded anyone who was watching how hollow and fake a candidate he is.
Maybe in another age a phony could go further. Not right now. And it's looking like no fun being that guy:

It's the authentic guy in the White House who's having fun:

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