Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Friends

Too true -- The Five Types of Political Friends on Facebook:
1. The Republican Yapper
I had to block one of these, now she's making a pro-birther movie.

2. The Do-Gooder Slacktivist
Like my friends who think bin Laden isn't dead/was already dead/is in a prison somewhere/corpse being warehoused for science.

3. The Low-Information "Swing" Voter Who Consistently Reminds You Of How Low-Information They Are
One friend recently responded to a video post of mine with a slew of Mitt Romney lies by saying "All politicians lie." Low-Information false equivalency.

4. The Insider
Actually have some value. The Conservative ones I have a little trouble forgiving when they should know better.

5. The Future Candidate
Don't think I know any...but happy to support them if I like 'em.
Full explanations in the DailyKos piece by Georgia Logothetis herself.

This all ring true for anyone else besides me?

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