Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Caine's Arcade

Get ready to be amazed and grab the Kleenex:

This kid shows so much ingenuity, smarts and just plain good character...is it any wonder that the filmmakers have set up a Facebook page to raise money for his college scholarship?


Anonymous said...

Forget college, I want to hire this kid right now.

Erika said...

I said this somewhere on Facebook already, and this is a tough comment, because it involves a clearly wonderful little kid. But people are making too much out of this. This bright, creative boy is simply doing what most kids can and should do if given enough time and raw materials. Bored kid + a zillion boxes + packing tape = totally awesome project. He's really quite normal. It's just that we've gotten so used to seeing kids zoned out with their Gameboys or whatever that this looks like he's some kind of genius when really, he's just a normal, imaginative little guy. I'm happy for him, but sad for the rest of us.

Mark Netter said...

For this kid to take those raw materials and figure out the intricacies of gameplay and rewards, and then have the mechanical capability to put it all together like that, the vision through execution, is something special. It indicates future potential in a very obvious way, whether engineering, game design, entrepreneurial skill.

Even in a pre-digital age, I don't believe it's normal for a vast majority of kids to show these kind of skills. And different kids have different talents, whether sports or math or writing or whatever.

It diminishes this kid's evident qualities to say that if but for Gameboys we'd all be like him. He created a complete experience out of cardboard and tape. That counts as a Wow.