Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Office

Today we celebrate the premier job position to hold in America, although I'm sure CEO of Exxon ranks up there. Historically unequaled resources at your disposal, the world's largest military force to command, and you can make the news every day of each four year term.

Mt. Rushmore may be the largest piece of kitsch art ever created, but it's also the grandest. The theme, that certain Presidents transcend partisanship into monumental granite could seem quaint in our time but instead somehow inspires awe. Something to live up to. A challenge to match.

Father of our country. Author of our Constitution. Creator of our National Park System. Winner of our Civil War.

#'s 1, 3, 26 & 16.

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for that big carved-up rock. I've never been to Rushmore but have always wanted to go. When I was a kid our family did a one month drive all around the West and Southwest and although I begged, my parents couldn't move South Dakota onto our path -- the closest we got was mid-southern Wyoming.

Here's a Web-era only treat. For your visual wonderfulness, a variety of Mt. Rushmore photos, pro to tourist:

- The longest long shot.

- Low angle weirdness.

- Big awesome shot.

- Nominal classic.

- Up on Abe's nose.


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