Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Is it true, per firedoglake?

The Republican bigwigs aren't afraid of the 2008 elections. No, not at all.

They're terrified of them.

And they have good reason to be.

How terrified are they?
It seems because...their candidates suck!



Anonymous said...

And the democratic ones don't?!

As of polls a few weeks ago, Giuliani & McCain were both ahead of leading dem Hillary, though by single digits.

Basically the dems are fielding a disliked first lady, a first time senator whose popularity peaked too early, and a North Carolina attorney who served one senate term and then was part of last election's losing ticket.

I'd say 2008 is up for grabs.
-Mark M

Mark Netter said...

I agree on Hillary, think you're wrong on Obama peaking too early since he's still gaining name recognition, and think that Edwards may benefit from not having spent too much time in D.C.

That said, I think they all get wiped (Dem or GOP) if Al gets his ass in the race.

Anonymous said...

Hilary and MccCain should save the dough and stay home.
Our only hope is Obama.

Mark Netter said...

I get the sense from young people I talk to that Obama is the only one stoking their imaginations. Maybe freshness and poise beats experience and jadedness?

Anonymous said...

Poise. Now that's a concept.

I want my president to appear smarter than me, even if he isn't.

I want to see a suit not a t-shirt.