Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Political cartoonists are the first ones targeted by dictators when they want to shut down free speech. They're the ones threatened with fatwas when they draw Muhammad. So as a lover of cartoons, comics and political satire, I can't condemn Barry Blitt, even if I think The New Yorker, of which I am a subscriber, wanted to sell magazines more than it understood the difference between effective satire and Blitt's cartoon which they are running as their cover this week.

(BAGnewsNotes does a nice job of explaining the discrepancies here.)

In the spirit of open discussion, I've posted my latest video microblog segment in the little Zannel widget to the right of this post. Some folks have commented already. You can click on the Z and then on the link that's revealed to go and comment yourself.

Otherwise, just hit play and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I DIG the video blog!

Anonymous said...

nice of you to accidentally show us your spectacular view u bas