Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Finally, one of the most evil men alive, Radovan Karadzic is arrested. This Serbian nationalist butcher who led his troops to the murder, rape and destruction of countless innocent Bosnians during the 1990's had grown a huge white beard and assumed a false identity in Belgrade, as a lecturer in alternative medicine.

Nice irony for such a killer.

The Hague wants him and his buddy for ethnic cleansing war crimes:
The arrest, nearly 13 years to the day after his indictment in connection with the massacre of nearly 8,000 Bosnian men and boys at Srebrenica, seemed aimed at strengthening Serbia’s ties to the European Union. A condition for membership remains the capture of Mr. Karadzic’s wartime ally, Gen. Ratko Mladic, who is also being sought for trial in The Hague on genocide charges...

...The indictment states that his forces killed, tortured and raped some of the thousands of non-Serbs they funneled into camps set up by the Bosnian Serb authorities. In addition, he was charged with responsibility for the shelling and sniper shootings of civilians in Sarajevo during the 43-month siege of the city in which thousands were killed or wounded, including many women and children.

The "before and after" photos of Karadzic accompanying the article are striking, containers of unlockable meaning, our inquiring gaze lost in the Gandolf-esque disguise, the signifier of a peaceful, scholarly man.

I look forward to seeing Karadzic cleanshave, now thirteen years after his disappearance. Take away the disguise, let's examine the face, the disguise underneath it. All that may be revealed is the very banality of evil, the seeming face of a principal or a financial or a pipefitter.

But I'll be looking for the guilt.

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