Friday, July 11, 2008

Prediction 4 U

It may not happen next week, or the week after. But when I see a Presidential candidate in a video like this:

...I figure it's only a matter of time before the bottom drops out and the poll margins get big.

Landslide big.

Unless something truly odd happens and the GOP replace McCain as their candidate, what we're looking at is someone who is not prepared to be President, who does not have the skills or readiness necessary to come within 100 yards of being an appropriate President, especially in times like these where America needs a solid, positive reboot.

We already have our under-equipped Chief Executive. Time for a change.

Even McCain's home state of Arizona seems to think so. And all the partisans on McCain's side can do is criticize Barack Obama for his opinion that our children should learn a second language, i.e. get better educated, be prepared world citizens, essentially improve our populace.

What kind of moron argues against Americans getting smarter?

Here's what I think will happen, especially if there is a debate or series of debates, but perhaps anyway: John McCain himself will realize that Barack Obama is the more worthy candidate.

All Obama has to do is his strong suit: rock steady. In a long marathon, like this insanely long election cycle we're still enduring, steadiness is more important that jackrabbit starts, because marathons are by nature games of attrition. Stay steady and some opponents will fade, some will self-destruct, and some will hobble across the finish line in your dust.

The ones with any brains and integrity know the winner deserved it.

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Anonymous said...

The short story is that McCain is simply not intellectually up to the job. Period.