Thursday, August 14, 2008

Most Effective?

Is this the most effective video political ad this cycle?

Not made by a professional consultant. Succinct master narrative that's been with us all along: please, God, not 4 more years of Bush. If McCain can't escape that noose, his candidacy is over. And I don't see the "We are all Georgians" thing registering positively with Americans. Far more Americans are from Russian heritage than from that new country we can't find on the map.

We don't want more war. Bottom line. We want to heal, have needed to since 9/11, but the Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld/Rove policies made that impossible. McCain claims maverick but it's not there in the votes. And that will be what kills him.

I have a VP prediction: the announcement will not come until the Convention. And it may even be the first night, and maybe Barack is there. At the very moment that everybody's cellphone goes off.

The cellphones will go off all across America, wherever anyone has texted VP to 62262. In homes and restaurants and campuses and streets.

They will go off in Denver. Both outside and inside the convention center. At the dais.

While someone very well regarded is speaking.

21st Century political theater -- imagine the feeling in the room. Imagine watching the reactions of all the delegates live on TV.

Just a thought.

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