Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zannel at the DNC

It's late and I've been traveling a lot starting last Tuesday, but I do want to introduce the new PoliticsBlue channel on Zannel, home of mobile lifecasting like in the widget on the top right of this blog. This is something new, a community channel with 14 contributing members, all grassroots bloggers given the very rare floor accreditation at the Democratic National Convention in Denver all this week.

By odd coincidence I was actually on a plane to Denver this afternoon, oblivious to the fact that this is the day before the huge thing happening in that city starting, like, now, until I passed Obama foreign affairs brain Samantha Power in the front row of business class. Would that I had missed my connecting flight by five days.

But hey, with real-people bloggers from Vermont, Florida, New Mexico et al microblogging with video and pictures and even Twitterish text updates all week, I'm starting to feel like I'm there. Like making the drive from Florida with Kenneth Quinnell of Burnt Orange Report:

Or Casey Ann Hughes of The Natchez Blog interviewing a first-time Mississippi delegate:

Or maybe just hang out with Rob Miller's crew from The Utah Amicus:

There's a reason they're called political parties.

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