Saturday, July 17, 2010

All You Need to Know

It's all that has to change.

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Master Fu said...

Hey Netter been away for a while (daughter arrived a little early), but could you imagine what's going to happen if our cars started running on Corn Ethanol?

How much ethanol would have to be produced in order to alleviate the energy demand that oil currently provides?

In addition oil and it's refining provides things like:

Gasoline, Car Oil, Diesel Fuel, Plastic, Asphalt, Kerosene, and Paraffin Wax (used in candles, crayons, hybrid motors, paintballs, ink, surf wax, chewing gum, coating for hard cheeses) to name a few.

With Corn Ethanol they are still working on the some of the uses of byproducts from the distilling, but here's what we lose out on:

CORN. Which last time I checked is in everything.