Friday, July 23, 2010

Lying Sacks

Rachel Maddow makes it plain:

We all know that FNC isn't really a news organization but a propaganda organ. But per Kevin Drum, it may be Satan's mouthpiece:
There have been three big conservative outrages that have choked the airwaves over the past couple of weeks. #1 was about a bunch of scary black men, the New Black Panther Party. #2 was about a bunch of scary Muslims who want to build a triumphal mosque on the sacred soil of Ground Zero. #3 was about a vindictive black woman who works for the government and screws the white people she deals with. The running theme here is not just a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence. It's called the GOP's Southern Strategy and it's been around since 1968, courtesy of Richard Milhous Nixon. And, of course, one of his key campaign operatives, Head of Television, was Roger Ailes -- President of Fox News:

Now let's see the mainstream media call him out.

Tip: Don't hold your breath.


Master Fu said...

I'm disappointed Netter, shouldn't you be at comic-con right now?

Mark Netter said...

That was yesterday! Hope to say something about it tonight...