Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More Spread

Tarballs have reached the shores of Texas. BP oil has seeped into New Orleans' Lake Pontchartrain. Unmitigated, growing, (human) life-threatening disaster with an exponentially growing dead zone.

Scientists want to take measurements but aren't get the money or access they need from BP or our government. My theory is that it is all much, much worse than anyone is saying, even the harshest projections. We're seeing rapid demolition of nature in the Amazon, the Polar Ice Caps, our oceans. We are literally choking ourselves to death with civilization. It's a viral that denudes the earth in search of comfort, speed, pleasure, self.

Yep, the President needs to do more, like letting the scientists in, like maybe going military on BP. Rather than closing the hole, BP is being allowed to harvest whatever oil they can. It's all about their investment.

And while I want Obama to do more, let's not forget who's protecting BP in the Senate:

Unleash the subpoenas. Because even the recovery effort is a lie.

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