Thursday, February 03, 2011

Prepare the Meathook

Egyptian"President" Hosni Mubarak reveals his true colors:
Automatic weapons fire pounded the anti-government protest camp in Cairo's Tahrir Square before dawn on Thursday in a dramatic escalation of what appeared to be a well-orchestrated series of assaults on the demonstrators. At least three protesters were killed by gunfire, according to one of the activists.

The crowds seeking an end to Mubarak's nearly three decades in power were still reeling from attacks hours earlier in which Mubarak supporters charged into the square on horses and camels, lashing people with whips, while others rained firebombs and rocks from rooftops.

Word is the Egyptian government opened prisons, released criminals, and the business supporters of the regime paid thugs to be Mubarak "supporters" and attack the peaceful protesters viciously. Classic fascism: license your thug class.

This put Mubarak squarely in the category of dictator who slaughters his own people and deserves the justice eventually dealt Romania's Ceausescu, Iraq's Hussein and Italy's Mussolini.

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