Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Blame Game: Game Over

In case anyone is even debating the ridiculous GOP talking point that the Dems, who are agreeing to tens of billions in spending cuts, are somehow going to be responsible for the U.S. government shutdown, should it come to pass, here's video evidence of our Teapublicans making their position clear:

Oh, sweet 1995 redux:
The Republicans blamed Clinton for the shutdown, and Clinton blamed the Republicans. Public opinion favored the president; Clinton's approval rating fell precipitously during the shutdown,[3] but once it had ended they rose to their highest since his election. The Republicans' support was further diminished two days later when Gingrich made a widely-reported complaint about being snubbed by Clinton; Tom DeLay called it "the mistake of [Gingrich's] life".[1]
C'mon, GOP. Help kickoff the President's reelection campaign!

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