Sunday, June 05, 2011

Re-Revering History

One of the key ways to identify fascists is that they rewrite history to alter, erase, disguise or bend the facts their their political contingencies. One of the least discussed aspects of grifter Palin's appeal and following is that they are immune to facts, they just channel their resentment into her cult of personality, since she plays the smugly self-righteous card better than anyone else. It's blind following.

In her typical modis, she created Palinesque word salad version of the great ride of Paul Revere, essentially inverting the story in order to show, I think, that she likes guns. Paul Revere was warning the colonists, a top secret plan (one-if-by-land, two-if-by-sea) that Palin turned into another example of her particularly fanciful American braggadocio, that Revere was somehow stickin' it to the British with his trash talk warning that we're gonna whup her butt. You know, truthyistory:

And, in typical Sarah fashion, she doubled down on the lie.

Her acolytes appear to be taking her lead. They are attempting to rewrite the Paul Revere Wikipedia page to make it conform to Sarah's lie. They are acting like good little fascist operatives, and the good people, the white hat editors of the Wikipedia community are fighting the good fight against them.

This is seriously chilling. Just like Goebbels moving from Nazi Party to German government, these are the digital thugs who will come with any Palin Administration, should that science-fiction disaster come to pass.

Do you take that threat seriously?

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Anonymous said...

Shorter Palin: “The daylight ride of Paul Revere”