Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 2,001st Post: What's Obama Done?

I just checked by accident and found out yesterday's Nettertainment post was #2,000. Wow.

I'll celebrate by reprinting an email to a friend who's on the Left and skeptical of President Barack Obama. You know, the kind of leftwing skepticism (a.k.a. circular firing squad) that dogged Al Gore in the fateful 2000 election where some said there would be no difference between a President Gore and a President George W. Bush. And we all know how that turned out.

Leaving aside the massive, publicly stated Republican obstructionism and hard-right/Fox News demonization of President Obama, the massive attempt at de-legitimization by calling him Kenyan, anti-American Exceptionalist, Socialist, Hitlerist, etc, there's this:

Already arguably better than Bill Clinton – four sites, listed in my order of preference, tracking what he's accomplished so far:
Hope to see what Prezbama can do with a second term, especially if Dems can hold the Senate and maybe even flip the House.

And the photo of the year:

Since I sent that email, as if by ESP, there's this video from TPM:

Watch this meme grow -- how much he's accomplished -- as Romney (now looking likely to be Obama's 2012 Republican opponent) amps up the name-calling, lies and smears. As George Clooney says:

And do we really need this guy mucking it up again?

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