Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Willard Mitt Romney was a bishop, a lay pastor in his church, something he brings up to discuss abortion on the campaign trail. For being a Mormon missionary, he received a deferment from military service during the Vietnam War.

So my question is, as a man of religious faith, is this his idea of morality? :

"Close them. Turn 'em off. Even some you like," he said. "You might say, 'I like the National Endowment for the Arts.' I do," Romney said. "I like PBS. We subsidize PBS. Look, I'm going to stop that. I'm going to say that PBS is going to have to have advertisement."

"We're not going to kill Big Bird," Romney said. "But Big Bird is going to have advertisements. Alright?"

Alright? Because we all agree that educating children always goes so much better with advertisements? Not alright, Willard.

Mitt's too old to have watched Sesame Street as a kid. In fact, electing him would turn back the leadership of our country a generation, to the Clinton/Bush generation. So maybe he just doesn't get it because, like so much else, he's above it by age and wealth.

Sometimes I wonder if Mitt is not just embarked upon the greatest single performance art piece of our times. If he can flip-flop so easily, if he is indeed the hollow man everyone believes he is, if he's say or do anything to get elected and we're not getting real principles, and if enough people understand that but vote for him anyway hoping the massive tea-pandering is with a wink, then he's doing a better act than Stephen Colbert or Sasha Baron Cohen.

If not, then he's just kind of douchy.

If you want to see his whole pander, here you go:

And watching this clip, as always with Willard, I find it difficult to believe American will vote to see this man representing America on TV for the next four years.

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Anonymous said...

You touch on an interesting question: Why exactly is this guy running? Newt is a megalomaniac, Paul wants to stamp out the Trilateral Commission once & for all, Santorum/Bachmann think Satan is afoot in the land, but WTF is up w/ Romney?

Does he think, "Hey, what the Hell, I could win" or "I have nothing better to do" or "My dad ran, why shouldn't I" or what?

Can anyone really imagine a Romney set of initiatives (besides the standard R attempt at deregulation/privatization of everything) that are anything but a load of mush? Forget about core principles -- Is there any such thing as a core Romney goal?