Monday, June 12, 2006


Joe Lieberman should be a hero, but he's not.

In fact, he's hinted at an independent run should he lose the Democratic Primary to his challenger, Ned Lamont.

So I find it interesting that, when asked about Ned Lamont, Harry Reid answered some bloggers in Vegas this past weekend:
He said he'’d met with Ned twice and liked him a lot. And as to the opposition we've been mounting against Joe? Reid said it to me twice, and he chose his words very carefully:

It'’s important for people to know that their actions have consequences.

By which I took it to mean, from the context, that Lieberman'’s actions have brought this on himself.

You can read the rest on Firedoglake.

It pains me to have these feelings about Joe Lieberman. He's a fellow tribesman, I thought he spoke powerfully at the 2000 Convention in his VP candidate acceptance speech. I know he's been on the right side of a woman's control over her uterus and civil rights.

It's just that the enablers have to go, particularly within the opposition party. This is no time for those who's bad judgment in any way helped launch the Bush Iraq War to be taken seriously as a national leader. Not unless they've in some way renounced their choice.

And Lieberman is still towing the insanity line.

Maybe something on the state level. Slower. Less "international".

Less likely to set something on fire.


Anonymous said...

Why would you have any sympathy at all for Joe Lieberman? The guy deserves to be on the same junk heap as Bush and the rest of the gang. I'm surprised by your temporary lack of judgement, but will assume it's only a momentary thing.

Zedd said...

Agreed - Lieberman's whole schtick is to shamelessly pander to the progressives with lip service...then turn around and side with corporates and wingnuts on the critical votes......bankrupcy, censorship, right to choose....the fact that he was even chosen as Gore' s running mate in 2000 shows the corruption of the DLC and (aside from the real issue of voter fraud) was much more of an anchor for Gore that the Nadar run....He is the epitomy of what wrong with the Deomcratic Party....part and parcel of the corporate agent provacatours that are the rotten core right now......

Mark Netter said...

I'm not dead-set again self-defined Liberal Hawks such as Josh Marshall ( even if they might have cut the Bush criminals too much slack right after Afghanistan. But what I think is the downfall of Lieberman is taking the Likud side of things, thinking that a Netanyahu should dictate our U.S. foreign policy.

As someone who supports Israel but has always been against the settlements, I oppose any country or regime who doesn't recognize Israel right to exist, but that doesn't mean I think anyone has the power to remake the Middle East in the rightwing Likud party's image, at least militarily.

This mote in the eye of certain earnest Israel-supporting Jewish Americans is similar to anyone who believes "my country right or wrong" about America and supports ANY President in the White House, even a fool or crook.