Monday, December 04, 2006

Criminal Intent

I've been following the Jose Padilla case out of the corner of my eye. Here's a U.S. citizen detained for two years and tortured by our very own government without right of counsel for 21 months, in sensory deprivation and isolation, basically being used as an experimental subject for the most fascistic elements of El Presidente's special thugs. But check out the whole story -- I have nothing to add to Digby's brilliant post.

Meanwhile in Orwell Land, there's a 2007 GOP Calendar (I kid you not!) and you can view each month like some sort of repellent Republican pornography. How can they put so many pictures of Bush and Cheney in a such a consumer product right now and expect anything less than astonishment? Is Ken Mehlman and crew tonedeaf or blithering idiots?

If nothing else, the photos for the various months act like some sort of counter history, or maybe a family album for some upcoming Nuremberg Trials. Say, 2008?

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