Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oedipus Wrecks

Daddy Bush cries over some old story about son Jeb's one losing campaign for Florida Governor.

Boo frakking hoo hoo hoo.

xrepub on DailyKos has the best analysis of what that psycho public breakdown really meant, Shakespearean by way of Mad magazine, in "The WRONG Son Became President":
It's not like anything REALLY horrid has happened to Jeb.... yeah Jeb helped rig the FL 2000 count for brother W, but Jeb isn't reviled world-wide.... Jeb lost his first run for gov but nobody can cry too much over THAT given the Bush family history of playing political games....what? they got outscammed? boo hoo...... What's Dad REALLY upset about?

It really DOES seem like Bush 41 is looking down the road and realizing what his REAL legacy is going to be....

He's the father of the WORST president ever to serve this country - and he's the reason his idiot son screwed up so badly.....

Brutal. Because El Presidente think his father is the loser. Still.

But as the walls continue to close in, daddy's man replacing daddy's nemesis, Rumsfeld, is speaking the truth in front of Congress. Like it should even be newsworthy.

But of course it is, because The Decider is insane. Check out this unnerving (if not an intentional spook?) this interview with glowering Fox cheerleader Brit Hume, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

Freeze-frame at 1:59 and see how wildly edge of madness Bush looks in the middle to declaiming "and we're going to succeed in Iraq by the way!"

Clearly he doesn't even believe his bullshit anymore.

And he was the last one.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no: you've got it wrong. 41 was crying tears of JOY that he will now no longer be recognized as the dumbest man ever to hold the presidency...

Mark Netter said...


I think the Oedipal drama is worthy of way of the Farrelly Brothers!