Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Politi-flicks: Freeze Frame

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars, follow along:

:05 Petulance.

:06 Furrowed brow, with "toughie" tongue, the wind-up.

:20 Smug but feeling quick on his feet as he clicks into a proudly prepared answer.

:21 Feigns trying to keep his condescension to himself.

:28 Fake thoughtfulness, tip head towards Jesus for effect.

:31 Condescending smile of fear.

:39 The big snake oil moment, his customary sell face. Like you'd be an asshole to everyone in the room if you contradicted him.

:50 Glimpses the abyss.

:59 Rehearsed hand movement.

1:02 Overly self-congratulates for having executed hand movement.

1:03 Working hard to see his confidence, not convincing.

1:06 Hand movement reprise, more relaxed this time, signaling he made it through the question.

1:09 Channeling smug to the heavens.

1:27 Thinks you're a two year old.

2:02 Been seeing this look more and more. I call it, "Credibility Implosion."

2:13 Rather fey head shake.

2:24 Counts to one on his thumb.

2:32 Cowboy move. (Practiced.)

2:34 More petulance, with a playing cute kicker. (Trademark side grin to someone in the audience he's acknowledging, gives sense of private joke, meant to communicate regular guy-ishness. Practiced.)

2:48 The coiling.

2:52 Springs the trap, confident, thinks he's sealing the deal courtesy his target's public humiliation. This is the Bush the Asshole look he used to sling around a lot more often up until last month's election.

2:54 Symmetrical hand/arm gesture, father knows best.

3:00 Smug condescension.

3:10 Over-the-hill snake oil salesman.

3:12 Actually appears to be thinking, comes off goofy.

3:15 Condescendingly smug symmetrical hand/arm movements.

3:21 The conciliatory "I need a friend, too" smile.

3:25 Make no mistake about it, I'm a serious guy.

3:37 The world's biggest loser, because he thinks he's won.

Is it any wonder that "We're not winning, we're not losing?"

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slick said...

Could we have a bigger moron for president? Is there anyone in this country who is as stupid and looks more like the deep, dark real estate hidden between the left and right cheeks? Impeach the prick and get him out of here!!!!

Mark Netter said...

I'm liking the deep, dark real estate coinage. Maybe Bush's next home after leaving office?

At this point, I'm imagining the only way his approval ratings rise is some sympathy thing, like if he gets ill or shot at in office.

And even how much?