Sunday, December 03, 2006

Until now?

I don't think Presidente George W. Bush is a stupid man, but he thinks you're stupid. Why else would everything that comes out of his mouth be a lie, an obscenity over which he drapes fig leaves of "toughness" and "Christianity".

The fact is that events are moving more quickly now. As I wrote the other day, the walls are coming in on this Administration, faster than they or Joementum (defacto R-CT) care to let on.

I think they're self-delusional to the point that they still cling to the most Likudnik of the Neoconservative beliefs, where you don't talk to your enemies and think you can keep them in line indirectly, with international political pressure, covert ops, bombing holes in their country. You know, like Israel did so successfully against Hezbollah this summer. Like George and Dick just might do with Iran, if only to double-down on their losing, losing hand.

The question is whether the Saudi spanking of Cheney and Bush's total facing by Maliki (basically meaning by Muqtada al-Sadr and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, two of Bush's sworn enemies) will hold these democracy pirates in check. Per the LA Times, "Mideast allies near a state of panic":
In all, visits designed to show the American team in charge ended instead in diplomatic embarrassment and disappointment, with U.S. leaders rebuked and lectured by Arab counterparts. The trips demonstrated that U.S. allies in the region were struggling to understand what to make of the difficult relationship, and to figure whether, with a new Democratic majority taking over Congress, Bush even had control over his nation's Mideast policy.

Along with recent articles hinting that the U.S. is about to pick a winner in Iraq and let them (the Shiites) do whatever they want with the Sunni population. Like in El Salvador, replete with death squads.

This Cheney lackey, Stephen Hadley -- yes, Bush's National Security Advisor, the asshole who put the big eighteen word lie about Saddam and uranium in Bush's State of the Union Address to sell us this War -- dares to go on TV and act like all is well by the corporation, and all I can think is how he'd look before the international war crimes tribunal without his comb-over.

Oh, and other of Bush's enemies, one in our Western Hemisphere, just got re-elected in a landslide (61%).

My only question is whether Bush and Cheney are still strong enough to open battle in Iran and let slip the dogs of war?

The control of events has been lost by these men in D.C. with the most powerful jobs in the world.

Until now?

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