Monday, January 01, 2007

Brilliant 20

This Jill who blogs Brilliant at Breakfast loves figure skating, the Mets and blogs from the Left.

What's not to like?

But what's especially to like is her end-of year "Brilliant 20 of 2006," which includes a lot of excellent personalities I managed to cover during the past year. #1 is an especially great choice.

Illustrated with photos as well, which is more than I can say for Nettertainment.


slick said...

I did find it jarring that only one woman makes the grade, but at least the blogger acknowledges this shortcoming.

I'm just a reader, but there's got to be a few. Cindy Sheehan for sticking it to G.W.? No, that was in '05. Britney Spears for her Leave it to Beaver audition? Hillary for defending Bill? Come on, there must be more than one woman who has accomplished amazing, brilliant things this past year.

Mark Netter said...

That's right, and it's a woman who put together the list! How about Nancy Pelosi, for starts?