Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Total War

With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi usurping El Presidente's foreign policy leadership, he and Cheney are installing apparatchiks in every single government agency to blunt Democratic reform.
The directive issued by Mr. Bush says that, in deciding whether to issue regulations, federal agencies must identify "the specific market failure" or problem that justifies government intervention.

Besides placing political appointees in charge of rule making, Mr. Bush said agencies must give the White House an opportunity to review "any significant guidance documents" before they are issued.

One assumes that reporting to the White House means reporting to Karl Rover, chief operative. Scoundrel Time Karl.

Bush is losing on the international so he's tightening up to try and save big corrupt heavily regulated businesses, i.e. Exxon. While at his doorstep, the ever courageous Sen. Russell Feingold (D-WI), threatens real counter-Bushorism action:
Americans are not looking to Congress to pass symbolic measures, they are looking to us to stop the President's failed Iraq policy. That is why we must finally break this taboo that somehow Congress can't talk about using its power of the purse to end the war in Iraq. The Constitution makes Congress a co-equal branch of government. It's time we start acting like it. We have a moral responsibility, as well as a responsibility to the brave troops whose lives are on the line, to end the war. We can and must force the President to safely redeploy our troops so that we can get back to focusing on those who attacked us on 9/11.

His plan is simple and clear, which I like about it: no more funding for troops stationed in Iraq after six months, with exceptions for strategically targeted, necessary missions.

Maybe six months is or isn't the right number, but the important thing is that Russ puts out a line. If he can get enough fellow Senators engaged in where that line should be (Four months? Ten months?) then even if it shifts a bit, it's a buy-in.

Just like Bush/Cheney Co's maximalist positions that always used to end up co-opting the opposition.

Let's see who else in the new Democratic led Senate has what it takes to stand with Russ and make this Constitutional remedy pass.

And then it'll be showdown time.


slick said...

While I agree that Feingold is on the right track, what is with this magical "six month" window? Everybody uses that time frame. Doesn't matter what it is in reference to -- it seems to be the temporal standard by which any policy -- military, political, social, etc. -- is given to take effect.

Mark Netter said...

Got to set something -- but it's not a standard for good behavior, like "we'll stand down when they stand up," it's an actual schedule for pulling out.