Saturday, January 06, 2007


Here's why I think Wes Clark should have some position in the next Administration, like President, Vice President, Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, or Secretary of Defense. From The Independent, "Wesley Clark: Bush's 'surge' will backfire":
What the surge would do, however, is put more American troops in harm's way, further undercut US forces' morale, and risk further alienation of elements of the Iraqi populace. American casualties would probably rise, at least temporarily, as more troops are on the streets; we saw this when the brigade from Alaska was extended and sent into Baghdad last summer. And even if the increased troop presence initially intimidates or frustrates the contending militias, it won't be long before they find ways to work around the obstacles to movement and neighbourhood searches, if they are still intent on pursuing the conflict. All of this is not much of an endorsement for a troop surge that will impose real pain on the already overstretched US forces.

So while John McCain allows that he's for escalation as some sort of gift to the forces already there, Clark reveals them as the exact opposite, death warrants.

Clark goes on in the commentary to propose solution paths, mainly diplomatic. I couldn't agree more, but it won't happen with this President.

Talk to me about the diplomatic solution again in twenty-four (24) months.

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