Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who Will Stop Him?

Maybe it'll be some combination of Sen. Russell Feingold (D-WI) and Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE). They won't be able to do it without you and me. Maybe this is turning into one of those people power movies but on an epic scale, where a multitude of protagonists coalesce to fight a villain who's power has grown so large for so long, it takes everyone united to stop him and his crowd from raining violence down upon the innocent, a bloodlust for countless men, women and children.

Or maybe it's like one of those late '50's, early nuke paranoia fantasies of executive branch capture and psychotic corruption threatening to take the helm of our great nation.

Today Bush had our guys raid the Iranian consulate in Kurdish Iraq and take six (6) employees under custody.

Tonight an explosion tore through our embassy compound in Greece. As in Europe. Where you're supposed to feel safe.


Steve Clemons reports a rumor shooting around D.C. today that in recent days the President may have signed a secret order to commence war with Iran and possibly Syria:
Washington intelligence, military and foreign policy circles are abuzz today with speculation that the President, yesterday or in recent days, sent a secret Executive Order to the Secretary of Defense and to the Director of the CIA to launch military operations against Syria and Iran.

The President may have started a new secret, informal war against Syria and Iran without the consent of Congress or any broad discussion with the country.

The questions asked by Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice point eerily to him acting on a tip. You can watch all the Senators on the panel grill the hell out of Condi, who refuses to interpret the President's words last night in anything but riddles and evasions. Revealed yet again as arguably the most overrated public servant in modern Washington, D.C. history.

And how are we going to get enough army? By abandoning active duty time limits?

Worse than Vietnam. It's to no longer be no more than 24 months in the shit, it's be no more than 24 consecutive months.

Enjoy that one month vacation, soldier.

Bush is going for it, ready and willing and Cheney's death puppet. They want chaos in the Middle's been their plan all along.

Maybe it'll be Keith Olbermann. Sure, he'll be part of it. So will Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA).

America wants the leaders it just elected to police El Presidente Bush. It's a sickening sequel here three decades later with Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger all back again for one more attempt at national and international domination their way, authoritarian style. They're only back because this time they think it will work. In reality, all they have experience with, is losing wars and getting thousands of innocents killed to do it.

It's Nixon time again. But while you usually think of Dick Cheney as job security for George Bush, it's actually the other way around. Dick Cheney is counting on Congress not impeaching George Bush to get to him. Way too much trouble and, with some Nixonian anti-accountability stonewalling, by now he thinks he can run the clock.

These guys are trying to force a horrific American policy and foist it on countless Presidents to follow, not just a few helicopters out of the Green Zone. This is putting America on war footing for another decade.

So either you agree on their chaos theory and think young American bodies and our national Treasury and innocent civilians are expendable at any rate for as long as you roll the dice on escalating violence to control resources. Water, oil, nukes.

Today and tonight was the first call-and-response.

Somebody stop him.

Everybody stop him.

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