Tuesday, September 16, 2008


John McCain started the day by losing his temper through gritted teeth and coming off, well, like what he often calls "a little jerk":

Damn, I may not even have to wait for minute 45 of that first debate on 9/26 for him to snap.

Meanwhile, his so-called economic advisor, the loser-CEO who only raised HP's value by leaving, Carly Fiorina, hit a double today, first saying that Sarah Palin was unfit to head a major corporation, then taking the self-correction opportunity to extend that cogent analysis to the top of the ticket as well:

By knocking herself off the air -- or, as a McCain spokesperson put it, will be "disappeared" like a government enemy in Pinochet's Argentina, canceling further TV appearances this week -- she has knock another leg of McCain teetering stool of viable campaign spokespeople:
"Carly will now disappear," this source said. "Senator McCain was furious." Asked to define "disappear," this source said, adding that she would be off TV for a while – but remain at the Republican National Committee and keep her role as head of the party’s joint fundraising committee with the McCain campaign.
Fiorina was the only ubiquitous woman beside the increasingly icky Sarah Palin to boot.

All Obama has to do is play McCain's own quotes in his ads:

The fact is that no matter what he flip-flops, McCain is losing the confidence of the American public that he can handle the economy by the day, i.e. by 4 points over the past 24 hours. Between his lies and those of his chosen running mate, along with her stonewalling of the Troopergate investigation which can now only fester and his loss of control over his own temper as metaphor for losing control over Fiorina and his campaign, the only question is whether it is all enough to send his polling numbers into Bush-like freefall.

Meanwhile, not only does such an authority as Warren Buffett believe that Obama could run a business, here's how the Dem candidates are looking out there, starting with "Riding the Rails with Amtrak Joe" in The New York Times:

The train arrived in Wilmington at 3:16 p.m. Amtrak Joe walked the platform, shaking hands with cops and Amtrak workers.

At one point, he reached into an open door for one last hand-shake with another Amtrak employee and the automatic doors nearly closed on his arms. “You’re like family,” Biden said, pulling his arm away.

And the top of the ticket -- as the financial meltdown reinforces his longtime message, he's on fire:

A helluva lot less gloomy that the other side, even as he tells the truth.

He saw it coming. What more needs to be said?


Anonymous said...

Now that the gov't has nationalized Freddie Fannie & AIG, are they going to make us sing the Internationale before ballgames?

Slick said...

I like Obama's clarity and message, but I still think he needs to frame it so that the voters understand how these disasters in the mortgage business and Wall Street affect each and every one. Yes, it's about greed; it's about reckless deregulation - but more importantly it's about how our children's school budgets are being cut, how Americans are losing their homes, how our roads and bridges are crumbling, how we can't afford to fill our car with gas to go to the grocery store where we can't afford to fill the shopping cart -- all because instead of spending on these issues, we're paying for corporate bailouts and an endless war. Get the voters to understand exactly how all these crises affect each and everyone, and Obama should win.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gramps will outsource Carly to Bangalore for the next 2 months.

btw: Slick is right -- the RW has finally achieved its 30-year dream of sucking every last current and future dollar out of the treasury, making any kind of social spending plans impossible.

Mark Netter said...

Nice to see all this activity in comments and hilarious that the U.S. is now France. George W. Bush -- the first American Socialist President!

Agreed on slick's analysis and think Obama is doing right with his 2 min ad on the economy this morning. Also heartened by the David Plouffe video that came in by Obama email outlining their battle state plan.

If (when?) Obama takes office it'll be FDR time, but remember that FDR had similar budget issues and still managed to start the WPA and begin turning America around.

Guess we'll just be waiting for Obama's WWII opportunity to really finish the job of recovery...