Monday, September 08, 2008

McSame & Chenlin

Is there enough time between now and the election to expose Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin for the fraud she is?

Is McCain & Co. finally getting called out by the press on the mounting lies that she was against the "Bridge to Nowhere," when she was all for it but flipped when it looked bad politically?

(You know, Palin as same old opportunistic politician.)

How about that she spent the state's money on herself -- writing herself a per diem for staying home at night 312 times in 19 months, even for exercising on Thanksgiving?

(Palin as opportunistic narcissist. An unfortunate mirror of a narcissistic nation?)

Or how about her failure to wrest away control of the investigation into her own wrongdoing in her burgeoning Troopergate scandal?

(Palin the excellent student of Bush/Cheney/Rove, and already starting with the scandal and lawyering up even before being elected VP.)

Or maybe she'll keep walking away from ordinary voters asking honest questions like:
Sarah first looked at Caterina said hello, and I shook her hand. I asked, "Are supporting Ted Stevens this year?" She replied, "He's under indictment you know...his trial is in September." I replied, "But are you voting for him?" She walked away without answering.
(Palin already in an undisclosed mental location.)

The Democratic Party, not just Barack Obama and Joe Biden and even Hillary Clinton, have 55 days to get everyone to understand that the McCain/Palin Maverick Myth is simply a lie, false advertising, not close to what Obama/Biden plan to do to save this country. The Republicans are still the same Republicans that screwed it all up these past eight years. Like this:

Do your part or suffer the consequences.


Anonymous said...

John McCain = Lonesome Rhodes.

George N. said...

I liked Adam McKay's post, thanks for the link. It describes how I'm feeling right now. I think we could very well loose this thing. Problem is, I'm not sure how we get people to "wake up."