Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Between Sen. John McCain and his chosen running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, it's hard to tell who's the biggest liar.

Palin, oh so Bush-like, on what news sources she "reads":

Then there's her lie about her role as Governor protecting U.S. airspace from Russian flyovers, then there's a witness flipping against her once under oath in the Troopergate scandal.

But what about "Crash" McCain? Is he gamblin' that no one will have any videotape of him from just yesterday blaming Obama for the failure of the bailout bill when he lies about his supposed call to suspend fingerpointing?

And does he know he and his campaign is lying like bastards when they take a quote of Obama's out of context, completely flipping it around to pervert its original meaning in a political ad?

They're not the only bullshitters flacking for their ticket. There's Fox News taking an impromptu poll in a Pennsylvania diner, getting an almost unanimous Obama vote, and then baldly spinning it on the spot as "split":

Even the patrons are laughing in the background.

But maybe the most egregious is NBC's Tom Brokaw, who's moderating the second debate between Obama and McCain and taking the helm of Meet the Press post-Russert, even as he acts as NBC's personal liaison to the McCain campaign! And skewing the end of the Sunday morning segment to favor McCain -- by citing outdated polling data:

This is going to get uglier before it gets finished, and I'll reiterate the most important point no matter the poll numbers: Barack Obama is the underdog until November 5th -- win or lose.

Educate the vote.

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Anonymous said...

I remember a few things from high school but isn't this what you call "Newspeak"? ...the reduction of language, changing meaning, etc.? I mean Sarah Palin isn't bullshitting, she ISN'T SAYING ANYTHING, she's not fucking answering the question. It's the same tactic that we've been seeing for the last 8 years. How could you carry on a one on one with any of these repugs let alone get any business done with them?

At least a bullshitter comes up with some kind of answer.

They are empty deflectors.