Thursday, October 13, 2011


Herman Cain, self-made Godfather Pizza CEO, has never held national office but he is now leading in new GOP polls for their Presidential nomination. Is he just this week's Not-Mitt or a force to be, eventually, reckoned with?

His style is affable and he seems to believe what he says even when, as he's also said, he has no evidence to back it up. Key to his appeal is the simplicity of his message, something every good CEO learns to craft and repeat...endlessly.

He's the 9-9-9 guy. 9% income tax, 9% national sales tax, 9% corporate tax. Yep, flat and regressive. You make less than $120k/year, you pay more taxes.

He says he "didn't get it off a pizza box" when Jon Huntsman suggested that was the source. In fact, it may come from the videogame, Sim City.

He'd be a coup for the GOP, a black candidate to run against Obama, insulating them from charges of racism, maybe worth it if the economy picks up and Obama starts to look hard to beat. Take a look at the guy -- even when he's wrong, he's affable:

After all...who doesn't like pizza?

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