Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Times

I've been out with some dear old friends tonight, and one of them (a regular blog reader -- you know who you are!) said I should write on the topic of "Old Times" tonight. While I adore getting ideas to fill out the weeks, I feel compelled to turn that concept on its head.

What's best about old times is how they can help make new times all that much better. The long-held ties to friends made along the way (and the trials endured together) are always worth being renewed, as there is strength in time-tested bonds that can provide fortitude against the trials ahead.

Moreover, old times are fine to recall on the occasions of reunion, if not so frequent that they become wallowing or overly tread. There were things said tonight, in kindness, with an honesty not always available to us in the past.

Most of all, as those of us who approach middle age (and maybe even accept already being there) have greater experience and time-honed faculties to draw upon, we can often approach new times with a greater awareness of our strengths to be drawn upon and, one must always admit, weaknesses for which the candid among us we seek fortification.

To bring it back to the political nature of this blog (when not focuses more squarely upon entertainment), old times should provide authentic lessons for moving ahead into the brave new worlds that galvanize us to rise in the morning, no matter the previous day's challenges or the odds against us. So when someone in a Chief Executive position fails to truly learn the lessons of the past or, worse, twists them to vile purpose, it is not just a pity but a sacrilege.

So here's to Old Times for the warmth they often bring, but even more for the fuel they bring for the very open, risky, adventurous and (I hope for all of Nettertainment's valued readers) exciting New Times ahead.

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