Thursday, November 23, 2006

Politi-flicks: Ungodly

There has been no recent political policy decision more impactful on the world than President George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq.

The disaster-laded results of his erroneous decision and subsequent failure to keep the peace go in and out of the front page headlines, but there's never been a Thanksgiving since he and his Administration started this war over three years ago (March 19, 2003) like this one.

Baghdad is in lockdown after over 160 civilians were slaughtered and 257 wounded in the bloodiest day of their U.S. ignited civil war. Shocking video can be found from a number of news sources, but the following may be the easiest to access:

- CNN's "More than 140 killed in Baghdad's Sadr City" includes a fire-filled report by their intrepid Michael Ware, along with a piece on how the war is straining our Marine Corps, the record-breaking 3,709 civilian death toll (and counting) for November, and a comparison with America's failure in Vietnam thirty-odd years prior to now.

- MSNBC requires Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but if you use that browser they have a video report accompanying "Bombs, mortars in Shiite slum kill at least 161".

- ABC News clocks in with "Attack on Baghdad Shiite Slum Kills 161" and video covering the related crisis in Lebanon and how the War on Terror is, in the Bush-friendly Uzbekistan dictatorship, a War on Islam.

Thanksgivings should be spent watching the Macy's parade and football, but as citizens responsible for our democratic decision-making, it's crucial that we keep our heads out of the sand. Come January there will be a new Congress with both Houses poised to be in opposition to the current Executive Administration, and someone has to hold their feet to the fire it they are not.

Let's hope it makes enough of a difference that next Thanksgiving doesn't break the same repugnant records again.

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