Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Obsession

I'm in the bag for Amy Winehouse. A brown paper one.

"Rehab" sounds like Ronnie Spector produced by Phil with lyrics written in some sort of Go F--- Yourself Bizarro universe.

Live on Letterman here.

Is it a Morphine (R.I.P.) buzz I'm getting with "You Know I'm No Good"? Do you smell the danger?

Seems to be for real, including actual alcoholism and refusal of treatment that inspired her current breakthrough single. Supposedly she's singing the title track to the next Bond flick as well -- far from a stretch, per the sound of this title track from her current album, "Back to Black".

One might wonder, why not cut to the chase and make it the title song itself?


Anonymous said...

Perfect sound for Bond.


Mark Netter said...

She already looks more shaken than stirred!

slick said...

Something sad and pathetic about an alcoholic who cashes in on her addiction.

swainchampagne said...

Oh Ned! Tell me you aren't buying that crap! Let's see her do it with a guitar and no band. The song is fucking ridiculous and she's a fucking hack and and insult to people who can write a song.
It's schtick and it's lame. She's right up there with Justin Timberlake in the talent department. They have the talent to let the record company exec and the marketing department tell them what will "sell" and the talent to let the stylist and hair person "do their job" and all while making everybody think they aren't affected by the publicity.
What happened to smart? And sincere?
Watch that Rita and Kris number on my blog and you'll see a chilling performance and a heap of fucking talent from two people who aren't SEEKING STARDOM.

Mark Netter said...

Wow, finally some controversy in the Comments section. I guess I can call our President every name under the sun but lil' Amy is what really gets people fired up!

Per the Slick addiction comment, I'm wondering if the same goes for J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton making hay with "Cocaine", or every other 60's/70's rock star who was ever busted or hooked and wrote about it. Who knows if Winehouse will end up choked on her own vomit in a ditch, but I'll save the pathos for then!

Per Swainchampagne, I actually did watch that clip on your excellent blog last night, but I've got a prejudice against 70's stars like those two from when, back in the 70's, I thought they were either boring (Coolidge) or too full of themselves (Kristoffersen). Lovely song, of course, but I can't help thinking how their marriage lasted something like three or four years. Not my idea of role models.

I love the sound of her songs, I love that rehab was written because she dropped the management that told her to go into it, I love her punky nature and screwed up good/bad looks. She's just into the older, soul music and I don't think all her thoughts have been manufactured by a record company like a Brittany or Nicole.

Where she goes from here will tell the tale, of course. The ditch? The sell-out? The savvy angle? The arty turn?

Here's to the young seeking it any way they want. Kris and Rita had their time -- Kris was even a movie star (can he be forgiven for "A Star is Born"?) and Rita went commercial with "Higher and Higher".

Purity? Now, really...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. When do we get to start talking about Guilani's wives?

(ps: Winehouse has great legs.)