Monday, March 05, 2007


I know some friends are chomping at the bit that the Dems haven't completely reversed the suicide course of the Bush/Cheney Presidency and years of GOP Congressional misrule in the scant two months since taking office. The Senate, in particular, is so close to a 50/50 split that the Dems are hamstrung, unable to insure any Presidential Veto override or beat back a filibuster.

However, a lot of stuff is hitting the fan right now, with the possibilities for legal action against malfeasant Republicans:

- Walter Reed Scandal Hearings
- Justice Department Political Purge Hearings
- Scooter Libby Trial Verdict Pending

In addition, are more bad times ahead for:

- Rightwing columnist who smeared homosexuals and John Edwards in one public utterance this past weekend poised to lose income?
- Bush's General Petraeus says the surge plan has only a 1-in-4 chance of success -- 25% and no Plan B?

What will their platform be in 2008 -- we suck at governing, so suck on that?

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