Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Sheriff

How hard does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rock?

See for yourself.

A friend of mine said that she was speaking to him the way he always speaks to us, like she's talking to a three-year old. As a grandmother, maybe the hardest-rocking grandmother in America today, she certainly has plenty of experience talking to sullen toddlers.

The whole CNN clip is rousing, but the signature phrase has to be:

On this very important matter, I would extend the hand of friendship to the President, just to say to him, "Calm down with the threats; there's a new Congress in town."

Can this woman impose law on a man with, historically, only a manipulative relationship to it?

I'm visualizing Barbara Stanwyck in The Big Valley. Sorry, couldn't find that image of Babs in black leather with the whip.

But how about a little taste of this, you bad little boy?


Anonymous said...

Forget the whip: she should bring a diaper & a pacifier to her next news conf.


swainchampagne said...

m, you made me laugh

Mark Netter said...

I yearn for the day when we look back and, uh, laugh at the whole damned Administration.