Friday, March 09, 2007

Showtime (Pt II)!

Monday night, a scant 96 hours ago, Nettertainment noted all the stuff hitting the fan this week, "with the possibilities for legal action against malfeasant Republicans."

Here's the list:
- Walter Reed Scandal Hearings
- Justice Department Political Purge Hearings
- Scooter Libby Trial Verdict Pending

In addition, are more bad times ahead for:

- Rightwing columnist who smeared homosexuals and John Edwards in one public utterance this past weekend poised to lose income?
- Bush's General Petraeus says the surge plan has only a 1-in-4 chance of success -- 25% and no Plan B?
Here's the developments since then:

- It was revealed that the Republican practice of privatizing government services rather than mere incompetence has made a lie of their "Support the Troops" mantra and turned the Walter Reed hospital into yet another Bush/Cheney Co. instigated shame of our nation.

- The Attorney General Alberto "Gonzales Eight" Prosecutor Purge turns out to be the one that will take Gonzales down, very possibly from office. Will he every be convicted of a crime and serve time like Nixon's Attorney General, John Mitchell? With the legislative fix having been dropped into a bill last year overnight, it's smelling more and more like criminal conspiracy, one that could easily reach into the White House.

A new scandal, with Gonzales' FBI now admittedly having committed crimes by overspying on American citizens, already does according to Glenn Greenwald.


- Edwards pulls out of planned Fox News staged Democratic candidate debate in Nevada, turns out to have been the absolute right decision as the event collapses under the naked partisan smears of the network chief. Edwards, a candidate I think opponents do themselves a disservice to underestimate, gets called a woman and only comes out looking stronger and stronger.

- The surge is revealed as code name for long term escalation.

Coming up for next week:

- Is it going to be a scandal that Bush/Cheney Co. is now outsourcing the drafting of new IRS rules to tax lawyers and accountants who create tax shelters and exploit loopholes for the very rich?

The Bush/Cheney Administration -- it's like one eight year-long slime bath.

Somebody, please, pass the soap!


slick said...

Gonna take a lot more than soap to clean the residual scum off our government. Let's hope the House, Senate or next president has the proper industrial strength detergent to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time before Cheney shoots somebody again.