Friday, March 30, 2007


This is an incredibly valuable cinematic study resource.

Here's 2006 Part Two. I'm partial to Natalya Negoda and Jaye Davidson.

This seminar is for extra credit.


Anonymous said...

Cool site. (Okay, Katie Holmes on the same page as Glenda Jackson is somewhat unsettling.) As for me, minute-for-minute, I'm down with Crash -- you know, except for the icky guy-on-guy scene.

On an unrelated note: It looks like my prediction on Gonzales (4 days) was a little optimistic. Nonetheless, he's a goner. I think Leahy should save everyone some time & just torture a confession out of him.

2nd unrelated note: Root for Guliani to raise a ton of cash because, trust me, it'll all be wasted. He has 0% chance of getting elected. Today's two stories: 1) about my former neighbor and soon-to-be indicted felon Bernie Kerik, and 2)Rudy's idea that his dimwit socialite wife should be a cabinet member aren't gaffes, they're essential Rudy.

He is the most egomaniacal and arrogant blowhard on Earth. GWB is a piker in comparison. Rudy believes he is a law unto himself, and items like these will begin popping up with the regularity of weeds. BTW: he is also legendary at lining his own pockets, which was the underlying point of the attempted Kerik nomination to Homeland Security. Expect to hear more of this.

And then, of course, there's always the very good possibility that he'll start cursing at someone during a press conference, which I think won't play as well in Peoria as it did in NYC.


Mark Netter said...

I'm guessing Rudy doesn't have quite the machine W. has for flipping around obvious scandals (and doubt Bush has quite the mechanism he did in the past). I still believe Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is the dark horse, since he's both religious enough and unthreatening to moderates, although he may not have enough authoritarian in his persona yet to win over the GOP hardliners.

Anonymous said...

You may be right about Huckabee. What's happening now is repubs are desperately running to the "new" guy, whomever that happens to be this week, and then splintering as soon as they learn anything about him. (Ultimately, although I could see Huckabee getting the nomination for the reason you state, I don't think he's got the goods to get anywhere close to winning the general election.)

First it was Kaiser Rudy, then Thompson, possibly Huckabee next, etc. The real problem is that their coalition is inherently self-antagonistic, and no candidate exists who can cover all the bases, unless he's allowed to lie about his background/positions & get away with it, like GWB was.

The Dems - and more importantly, blogoshpere researchers -- are in a "take no bullshit" stance which will make a repeat of this kind of propoganda more difficult, as will viral video.

(Remember that Macacca was the typical republican code-talking racism under the radar in order to inflame the true believers without horrifying actual sensible voters -- the Repub Crime Syndicate has been using this tactic for 30 years, and neutralizion of it is a big loss for them)


ps: more importantly, though: "Let's Play Ball!!!"